Medium Rectangle Ovenware > 2L

Our Flat Stacks Air Fryer 2 L Rectangle is heat-proof, collapsible, and space-saving. This container is perfect for your Oven and Air Fryer! When expanded, you can marinate and cook delicious casseroles, chicken, and roasts, pizza; and when collapsed, you can use it as a baking tray for cakes and pastries.

You can easily pop it into the air fryer to cook your favourite dish, plus it makes the air fryer super easy to clean! You can also use it in the oven, of course, and to store your leftovers as it easily pops back into the fridge.

It is also perfect for family dinners and weekend gatherings!


  1. Rectangle 2L - 25cm x 17cm x 9cm (3cm when collapsed)


Flat Stacks Ovenware is designed for use in Airfryers and the Oven only, and is not intended for use in the microwave or over open flames. 

Customer Reviews

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Mary Truesdale
2L Rectangle Ovenware

Very pleased with the purchase and tried out the recipe that I received sometime ago by cooking the Banana Oat Bread in it and very impressed with the result. I'd be interested in more recipes to cook in this ovenware


Haven't used yet but they look good

Christina Lucas
Not just ovenware

Great size to use in the airfryer. Love the fact you can cook in it then refrigerate leftovers in it . Washes perfectly in the dishwasher collapsed down if space is an issue

Fay Picken
2l rectangle ivenware

Great in caravan as space saver. Cooked marinated chicken on BBQ with good result.

Di Mcgavigan
Love my flatties!

Absolutely love this product! I use it on a daily bases, and use it a lot! Heaps more stored in the fridge!
Used an oblong bakeware to cook one lamb shank..perfect fit and bake!
Where have you been all my life Flat Stacks!
I’m addicted! Unloaded a cupboard full of Tupperware ( sorry ) and have tons of room now because of the stacking and compacting ability
As Arnie said..”I’ll be back” 😁

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