Meal Prep Pack + FREE Snack Pack Set

Purchase the Special Signature Bundle and receive a FREE Snack Pack Set! Package valued at $240! 

Special Meal Prep Pack Bundle Includes:

  1. Signature Rectangle Set > 350ml, 540ml, 800ml, 1200ml
  2. Large Set > 1500ml and 2000ml
  3. Square Set > 350ml, 540ml, 800ml, 1200ml
  4. FREE Snack Pack Set

Signature Set Dimensions:

  1. Yellow - 350 ml | 11.8x8.3x6.4 cm | collapses to 2.6 cm
  2. Purple - 540 ml | 15.1x9.3x6.4 cm | collapses to 2.6 cm
  3. Orange - 800 ml | 17.2x10.7x6.8 cm | collapses to 3.0 cm
  4. Blue - 1200 ml | 20.2x10.7x7.4 cm | collapses to 3.4 cm

Large Rectangle Sets Dimensions:

  1. Pink - 1500 ml | 23x16.3x7.4 cm | collapses to 3.4 cm
  2. Green - 2000 ml | 25.8x18.3x7.4 cm | collapses to 3.4 cm

Square Set Dimensions:

  1. Teal - 350 ml | 12x6.4 cm | collapses to 2.6 cm
  2. Mint - 540ml | 14x6.4 cm | collapses to 2.6 cm
  3. Aqua - 800 ml | 16x6.4 cm | collapses to 2.6 cm
  4. Turquoise - 1200 ml | 18x7.4 cm | collapses to 3.4 cm

Snack Pack Set Dimensions:

  1. Yellow – 350ml | 13cm x 9.5cm x 6.3cm | collapses to 2.85cm
  2. 2 x Green – 250ml | 12.4 x 8.7cm x 5.7cm | collapses to 2.7cm

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 32 reviews
      Sally Irmiger
      Great product

      We first bought a set for our RV.. we lived them so much I ordered a set for the house plus 2 of the square sets in the nice blue tones for the house & rv. These really help with storage both in the cupboard when storing them & in the refrigerator. Love how we can “crush” them down to fit what we put in them

      Thomas Szpond
      Fast Accurate Ordering

      I received my order very quickly and I am excited to use this product.

      Like them but...

      Received my set about a week how little space they occupy in my cupboard & how pretty they are. They work will, but the seal on the largest one came out when unpacking & I am unable to get it back in. Will update after I chat w customer service to see if they will replace it, or have advice for me :-)

      Grace Charron
      Meal Prep Pack

      I just recently used them for work. I love how they are so well made. I will recommend this product to everyone. They are a little over priced but totally understand. Thank you 😊

      Louis Houde
      Purchased more units

      They don’t hold their shape when in expanded mode and try to put a lid on it. They collapse easily with trying to close them, that’s a problem!

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